Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science

Industry  Education / Beauty
Scope  Brand Creation / Brand Strategy / Signage & Space / Website / Social Media Ads / Print / Photography / Copywriting

AACDS is the Australia’s first and premier college for education and training in the fields of dermal therapies and cosmetic nursing. We worked with AACDS from their inception to develop a brand that would not only reflect the professional culture of the college, but would help them to distinguish themselves within a market that surprisingly, offered little in the way of sophistication.

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From humble beginnings, when they first started with a logo we designed over 10 years ago and a training room in a plastic surgeon’s clinic, to now; a national organisation with their headquarters in a large CBD building, AACDS is the visionary and vanguard of a now well established and thriving industry.

Across all brand touchpoints, we worked to instill a high level of professionalism and art directed custom images to provide much needed visual explanation of what was involved. AACDS is an inspiring story and offer which we were proud to share and support them on.

"Steve and Gen at First Nature have been our designers for over a decade. They have been instrumental in building the brand of what was once a very small business to now a large business with a nation-wide recognised brand. Upon viewing the initial brand design, Firstnature gave me the confidence and the inspiration to grow my business beyond what I thought what possible. I’m very appreciative to Steve and Gen for all they’ve achieved for my company."

April Jorgensen, Director, Niche Education Group

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The success of AACDS led to the acquisition or establishment of sister educational institutes in beauty therapy and specialist make-up and the formation of a parent administration company... all of which utilise branding by us!

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