Anything but the expected

Acorn Photo

Client Robert Frith
Industry Arts

What do you do with a business name like Acorn that seems to just beg for an identity that depicts exactly that? Why, do anything but, of course! 

Our long time colleague and fine photographer, the very talented Robert Frith, looked to us to create a brand identity for his photography studio that would be memorable and distinctive. Our solution, to use a variety of nuts - but not an acorn, helped to achieve both of these aims. It also conveyed the message that when you engage Rob as your photographer, you’ll get anything but the obvious, run of the mill solution - rather, something more unexpected and wonderful.

The concept was also well received by the creative community at large, winning recognition in local industry awards. See more of Robert's work here.


"Avoiding the ubiquitous camera cliches, Firstnature surprised and delighted me with an identity of pared-back elegance and fun. A 'nutty' solution that fits me to a 't'."

Rob Frith, Founder



Objectives met

Position client with a unique point of difference.

Strengthen and make memorable the Acorn name.

Avoided the use of cliched camera related images