A vessel for storytelling

Atticus Wines

Client Ron Fraser
Industry Food + Beverage / Retail

A premium range of wines from the renowned Margaret River region, Atticus wines are small in volume but big in stature, and are only produced when the fruit harvested is of the highest quality.
We created a story about Atticus as a mystical philosopher whose spirit dwells amongst the vines. 'Anima Vitium', latin for 'Spirit of the Vine', is symbolised with a beautiful, decorative icon.  Combined with elegant, restrained typography, the overall result of understated, classic elegance appeals to the intended market of wine connoisseur.

Release of the first vintage brought accolades for both the wine and the label, and the range has consistently ranked amongst the highest nationally.


Since the release of the range in 2005, the distinguished range has been richly rewarded, with 2 Trophies, 5 Top Gold, 6 Gold, 11 Silver and 18 Bronze Medals and no doubt many more in the making...


Branding & Strategy

Objectives met

Creation of a story for the wine brand.

Traditional design approach appealing to the high end wine buyer.