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Bell Art

Client Bell Art Australia
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One of our most enduring clients, the wonderful family behind the Australian success story that is Bell Art, is a true testament to honouring the need for trust and freedom of expression when engaging a designer to develop your brand. We've worked with them for more than 25 years and have played a key role in the company's development, from its name right through to the creation of every product they sell - which now numbers in the hundreds.

The late Meryl Bell, one of Australia's foremost still-life floral painters, first came to us with a small set of boxed cards that she had printed, displaying some of her floral works with limited sales success. Being avid flower lovers ourselves, we were immediately entranced by her exquisite oil paintings which paid homage to the 17th century Dutch masters style, that captured in beautiful intricacy the unique colours and forms of Australian wildflowers. Renaming her brand to 'Bell Art', after Meryl and also with a nod to the French word for beautiful, we set about creating a completely new look and more contemporary look to her product. This led to rapid sales, wider distributorship and the blossoming of a wonderful adventure, friendship and success which we still enjoy and contribute to today, under the visionary leadership of her daughter, Amanda. 


Our work with Bell Art involves curating the catalogue of works painted by Meryl Bell, selecting those suitable to contribute to and create new ranges and products from, research and development, product testing, design and artwork. The signature element of Meryl's paintings is the inclusion of companion fauna; bees, butterflys, lizards, moths and we always seek to honour this in a myriad of ways that we hear brings much delight to people. We feel it a great privilege to adapt this amazing lady's work and help continue her legacy and passion for our indigenous flora.

And so Bell Art seeks to not only share Australia's floral gifts through the eyes of Meryl Bell, but also educate through taxonomy on all products, and donates part proceeds of sales to the Australian Flora Foundation. It's an important partnership that supports the fostering of research and protection of our native flora, and a recommendation we made to Bell Art to underscore and help close the loop on the company's environmental ethos.  


We developed a comprehensive e-commerce site which forms the engine room of the company, showcasing and selling all retail and wholesale products whilst communicating the brand story and values to an ever growing list of subscribers and purchasers. A key component of the Bell Art philosophy is to create functional, lightweight products that appeal to tourists and locals alike, enabling the appreciation and beauty of Australian flora to spread around the world.    

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"For over 25 years Bell Art has worked collaboratively with Firstnature. They are our most trusted business partner, always looking out for our best interests, providing us with new ideas that increase our business all the time. They are as close to family as you can get, and we cannot recommend them highly enough."

Amanda Legovich, Owner

"Since working with you we believe we have excellent products which we confidently put before national and international buyers. The effect on business has paid off while increasing our potential for profits. Good design appeals to the customer’s eye and results in improved sales and our records show this to have been the case. Thankyou for your enthusiasm , dedication to the task involved, and helping us to promote a serious environmental message concerning our lovely wildflowers."

Meryl Bell, Founder


Branding & Strategy
Product Creation
Print & Promotion

Objectives met

Creation of desirable brand and over 150 products that have gained extensive national distribution.

Focus on creation of designs and products that stand the test of time, maximising ROI through repeat ordering.

Establishment of Australian made policy and mostly recyclable products produced in an environmentally responsible manner with best practice waste minimisation techniques.

Design and development of online e-commerce site resulting in dramatic increase in direct sales nationally and overseas. 

Extensive brand recognition and exposure in tourist centres across Australia and commissioning of designs by Australia Post and Western Australia's Kings Park Botanic Gardens.