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An established real estate firm with a focus in the southern suburbs of Perth, founder Alan Bourke came to us with a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, experience and industry knowledge. The problem was that his brand wasn't communicating any of this effectively, and his business wasn't reaching the potential he knew it had.

We set about to change all that and take his company from looking very average to looking like the industry leaders they sought to be, but even we didn't expect the profound impact that the work we did, would have!

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This project provided an exciting opportunity for us to showcase what good branding could achieve when done right. We did a complete audit with Alan of everything they did and found better ways for them to do it. Fortunately for us, they were a fantastically enthusiastic group of people, and Alan, a prolific writer and fountain of industry knowledge.

We renamed, repositioned and redesigned almost all touchpoints of the brand and created a brandmark which references the asterix one traditionally might use to highlight particular listings in the newspaper in the great hunt for a new home and also connotes a number of other positive associations. The new brand established an energetic, friendly and warm personality, far more accurate to the values and nature of the company's business philosophy, staff and founder. The positioner, "Enjoy the Experience" was developed to further the positive vibe, and also nod to the hefty experience of the staff. New "for sale" sign and vehicle designs had a major impact on brand recognition and a series of illustrative icons furthered the base concept

Another key differentiator that we brought to the fore was the significant volumes of advice and knowledge Alan had to impart. Alan had penned an impressive array of literature covering the five key areas of his company’s dealings; selling, buying, renting, investing and settlement of property but they weren’t achieving their potential either as the valuable sales tool we knew they could be. We developed a new approach as a series of booklets that made for a more pleasurable read and showcased the versatility of the brand we’d created. Working with copywriter Steve Browning, the information was represented in a more engaging, friendly way with a good dose of wit which we were knew was key too in making the messages more memorable. Bourkes staff would offer copies to established and prospective clients, to help guide them on their respective property journeys. These booklets are a vlue-adding tool that quickly became a popular must-have item for clients.

Always trying to instill greater CSR within the companies we work with, we spoke with Alan about the leadership opportunity his company could take in making a difference in the area of homelessness. Given their line of business, we suggested the synergy with that need was evident and we're pleased to see that ever since, the staff at Bourkes volunteer and actively engage not only in this area but a number of others to give back to those in need. Fantastic stuff!

The end result is a brand that Alan and his staff and clients absolutely love and speaks to the vibrant, positive, thorough and friendly approach they have. It elevated the status of the company, their brand recognition soared and in the year after the rebrand launched, Bourkes saw unprecedented growth, with personnel required to service the business doubling to nearly 40 staff. And if that’s not good enough this all culminated in the company winning the prestigious 2013 REIWA Large Agency of the Year award. A brilliant result and well deserved!

"I have received so many positive comments as to how fresh and vibrant the new look is... even our competitiors begrudgingly approve of it! It's also uplifting for our staff, who say it has re-energised them. Your comments and guidance have always been correct and for that I thank you. I am wholeheartedly recommending Firstnature to others I meet."

Alan Bourke, Principal

Increase in demand for Bourkes' service after the re-brand launch was exponential, resulting in the company quickly doubling its staff numbers and in the following year, they went on to win the prestigious 'Large Agency of the Year' award at the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia's industry awards.



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