Amplifying the voice for WA's environment

Conservation Council of WA 

Client Conservation Council of Western Australia Inc
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The voice for Western Australia's environment, CCWA is the State’s foremost non-profit, non-government conservation organisation with over 100 member groups. They sought to refresh and modernise their brand and build greater awareness of the crucial work they do and raise funds to support it. We were very happy to help this cause close to our hearts.

With WA's faunal emblem, the numbat as their symbol, we recreated it and also wove into it the state's floral emblem, the kangaroo paw. The interconnectedness of the two elements was intentional in speaking a message of the importance of balance in nature, in that without the existence of natural habitats, creatures would not exist.


The reference to the State’s colours of gold and black were intentionally chosen and modified slightly to promote a sense of patriotism and help broaden perceptions that the CCWA is not just another ‘green’ group. Given the need to reframe its brand and message platforms in an inspiring and positive way, we needed to create a positioner that works for the long term, was more people focused and optimistic.

The positioner 'Look Forward' was created to tap into the realities of human nature and self interest in a positive, proactive way, because what do you do when you look forward? You think long term, which is exactly the thing people often don’t want to do when it comes to the environment! We believe that above all, CCWA needed to capture people’s imaginations of a future they can look forward to, that benefits them and future generations, motivating them to want to take action.

A vital cause and a fantastic, dedicated and courageous group of people, many volunteers that we feel privileged to contribute to.


The Western Australian Conservation Awards

These annual awards, founded by the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) over 25 years ago, recognise outstanding achievement by individuals and community groups working on environment and conservation issues in the Western Australian community. The pinnacle award, the Bessie Rischbieth Award, was established in honour of its namesake, a pioneer of the conservation movement in WA. It is awarded annually to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the Western Australian environment. 


We designed the awards with the environment in mind, not only in aesthetics, but also in delivery, and with sensitivity to the CCWA’s limited budget. Striking, block-print style illustrations were created, inspired by the vibrant, celebratory and almost firework aspect of gum blossoms. Two distinctive colourways were designed to distinguish the Bessie Award from the others, and we used the illustrations to adorn the certificates themselves and the scroll housing which all awards were placed into, except for the Bessie award, which is framed.

The awards are an opportunity for us to add some natural beauty in recognition of the worthy recipients in a sustainable way, right down to including leaves from our Illyarie gum tree on our street to decorate each award. The result is a beautiful and unique presentation, with a light footprint, but huge significance in its purpose.


Branding & Strategy
Press Advertising

Objectives met

Increased brand recognition and retention on corporate and community levels.

Brand system and guide created to more easily identify various umbrella issues and retain consistency in-house.

Cost-effective and environmentally sensitive awards system created and still used over 10 years on.