Making real estate a family affair

Di Prinzio Properties

Client Di Prinzio Properties
Industry Property + Construction

The Di Prinzio family had a wealth of experience in selling and managing properties and were highly successul franchisees of a global real estate brand. This very positive, warm and welcoming team then started their own business and after moderate success, were inspired by the branding we had done for Bourkes and sought our help to take them to the next level.

Di Prinzio were far more than what their existing identity presented them as. Passionate about the Mandurah region of Western Australia and absolute experts in its property market, they're also passionate about life, family and honest, down to earth service. Their warmth, attention to detail and genuine care set them apart.


We created a brandmark inspired by the idea of a family 'crest', with references to their industry and Mandurah. A suite of other visual assets include a bold, distinctive colour palette, bespoke real estate icons to match the new brandmark style and a geometric pattern that featured throughout various applications and was adapted to illustrate Mandurah's famous canal region as a decorative graphic. Interiors were made fresh and welcoming and language and tone aligned with their conversational yet professional style.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with the Di Prinzios across all touch points to ensure an authentic interpretation of their unique personality, right down to suggesting the Vespa they use to visit nearby clients. We totally backed their idea of offering barista quality coffee so their clients and visitors can experience a little of the authentic 'Di Prinzio family hospitality'. What's not to love?

The result was a great success, portraying their story with an authentic power that resonates, making them visible, unique and understood. A team that couldn't be more deserving, or nicer. Thanks guys!


"We cannot believe the impact the rebranding Firstnature has done has had on our business and on the individuals that work here. We are constantly complimented and praised by the public and clients, friends and family on our uniqueness and the freshness of our real estate office. We have been going forward in leaps and bounds and our business is thriving.
The rebranding has given us a new burst of enthusiasm, energy and creativity and we are now standing out in the crowd of franchise and individual agencies that are flooding our town.  Even the competition are seeking us out and complimenting us!"

Beth Di Prinzio, Owner


"We could've never imagined how incredible Firstnature would be in capturing the essence of who we are as a family business and evolving that into a brand. We cannot thank them enough, Steve and Gen are wonderful people to work with and made the process easy, exciting and rewarding."

Jules Di Prinzio, Owner


"Thank you for all of your hard work - you guys have done a fantastic job, everything you send through we are always amazed with!"

Candice Di Prinzio, Licensee


Branding & Strategy
Signage & Space
Press Advertising

Objectives met

Comprehensive brand creation with all touchpoints addressed for an overall strong, consistent and cohesive look.

Easily identifiable branding on signage and much improved brand recognition of office.