Dreaming Dog Wines

Industry  Food + Beverage / Retail  
Scope  Naming / Branding / Packaging / Illustration / Copywriting

The lower tier label of the Chapman Grove trilogy, the identity and packaging for this range was to appeal to a younger market, have a bit of fun about it and sell at a low price point for a limited time. A cost effective solution was needed and a limited budget was set.

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We were asked to create the name and concept from scratch. Knowing that dogs played an important role at the winery, and being avid dog lovers as well, we set about the task of creating a label with the right pedigree ;) Our beautiful and beloved border collie of the time, Tashi, was our regular studio companion often found sleeping under the desk at our feet. And so the concept of ‘Dreaming Dog’ was born. 'Big Sam' Shiraz and 'Maggie' Merlot were named after the winery's gorgeous Maremma dogs.

The label was so successful in gaining distributorship, it soon became clear it could be more than a short term solution and so for a number of years Dreaming Dog was a valuable tier of the Chapman Grove portfolio, providing an ROI that completely surpassed all expectations. It even picked up a few awards along the way, as is the way with wines from Chapman Grove! Another nice bit of this story is that the winery made the great move to donate part proceeds of every bottle sold to canine based charities. Lovely stuff!


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