Shifting the narrative on obesity

The Shift Guide

Client East Metropolitan Health Service
Industry Government

In response to Western Australia’s significant obesity rates and community experience of weight bias and stigma, the East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) asked us to collaborate on a communications solution. We created an engaging e-guide to inform and empower media and communication professionals to shape a more positive narrative around obesity, to combat weight bias, stigma and shame.

We named the e-guide 'Shift' to emphasize its transformative aim. We took care to ensure the design exemplified the values and guidelines recommended in a friendly yet precise and clear manner. A series of icons were created for quick reference and we utilized the language of editing marks such as arrows and highlights to draw attention to specific information in a relevant and effective way.


Since its launch 'Shift' has enjoyed great success in fostering empathy and empowering healthier conversations about obesity in Western Australia.  A year after its launch the results of an EMHS survey revealed that 80% respondents had applied the principles of the guide in their work.

The Shift guide has been adapted for training GPs, country health service staff, and student dietitians; presented to community groups and the Danish Children’s Healthy Weight Alliance. A slide deck and pre-recorded presentation prepared and the guide also featured on the global stage at the International Conference on Obesity (ICO) - the pre-eminent global gathering for experts in obesity.


"It's been a pleasure working with Firstnature  – they did an absolutely amazing job with the design, which has been a key part of the Guide’s positive reception."

Kristy Law, Public Health Dietician, EMHS


Brand Identity & Positioning
Online Presentation


A year after launch, 80% of respondents surveyed had applied the guide's principles in their work.

Adapted to an expanded audience including GPs, country health service staff, student dietitians, community groups and the Danish Children’s Healthy Weight Alliance.

Invited to feature at the World Obesity Federation's 2022 International Conference on Obesity.