Isolation brings its own rewards

Frankland Estate

Client Frankland Estate
Industry Food + Beverage

The Great Southern region of Western Australia was first identified in the 1950’s by viticulturist Harold Olmo for its potential to produce great wines based on climatic data and soil types. One of the region's pioneers and its premier organic wine producer, Frankland Estate's brand is authentic, honest and elegant.

Families can tend to be better able to pass on knowledge and experience than corporate entities. Frankland Estate's 100+ vintages have all been made by family committee with blending decisions made with all of the family present. We've worked with this passionate, family-run business for many years. More recently, we undertook a comprehensive brand rationalization with the aim of increasing price points across their entire range. Our effective management of the visual brand has helped them gain access to new markets and increase price points across the entire wine range.


Frankland Estate's winemaking philosophy focuses on complexity, elegance and a sense of place - a mature approach that many contemporary premium Australian winemakers now embrace. Their offering, like their visual brand, has evolved and matured over the decades to command respect worldwide. It's a testament to forging your own path, showing tenacity and staying true to your vision.

With a revised brand and tier strategy agree upon, we developed a modernised version of their iconic entwined roses logo which was inspired by the winery’s organic pest-control practice of planting roses at the end of each row of vines. We further enhanced the labels by incorporating illustrations of the roses and other aspects of the property's natural environment promoting the organic nature of the wines. This increased the mystery and sophistication of their offering, tying in with the remoteness of their location and pristine environment.


A top-tier wine in the Frankland Estate portfolio, ‘Smith Cullam,’ is named after the winery's founders, Barrie Smith and Judi Cullam. The label design, representing a single, perfect bloom, is a culmination and pinnacle of their winemaking expertise.


"Frankland Estate have used Firstnature for nearly 25 years and this alone reflects our trust in their ability to understand the personality and core values of our brand, whilst being innovative, fresh and adapting to an ever changing and competitive market place."

Hunter Smith, Owner + Winemaker


Branding & Strategy
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The new packaging received widespread acclaim across Australia and internationally markets, helping the winery access new markets.

Significant price increases on launch of new packaging across the product range:
- 66% price increase for Estate Grown wine
- 20% price increase for Single Vineyard wines
- 212% for Olmo's Reward wines

New range Smith Cullam, entered the market at a premium price.