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Margaret River Chocolate Company

Client Margaret River Chocolate Company
Industry Food + Beverage / Retail

Oooh, how we love a bit of chocolate! One of Western Australia's most recognised and iconic tourism brands and destinations with over one million visitors each year, this yummy project began with us over 25 years ago. From humble beginnings and a big idea, the company is now known the world over producing over 200 products in its Margaret River and Swan Valley factories, with a concept store in Perth City. 

When we created the brand and original packaging, we knew that a large part of the company's success would depend on our solution. We had to create something that would be strong, instantly recognisable, flexible, cost effective and fun. Oh, and easily embossed into chocolate...


The packaging was designed to incorporate large numbers of product varieties, have maximum shelf impact and look premium while actually being very cheap to produce. The design enabled chocolate varietals to be added or removed at negligible cost. A customised MRCC font added personality and propriety to the overall brand. As this was a startup with limited funds, the packaging was also designed to be a powerful and inexpensive in-store presentation.

So useful, popular and appealing was our solution, that the identity and core product packaging is still in use and mostly unchanged after 20 years and still plays a key role in branding and decorating the interior spaces of their factories and concept store. Now that's a testament to the fantastic value and real return on investment in good design our clients enjoy, and a deliciously appealing success story if there ever was one!


"The massive growth our company has enjoyed has a key component that is essentially the same since the day we launched. Our brand and core packaging designed by Firstnature.
It's hard to quantify the extraordinary value we've been able to extract from the work they created for us, and it continues to form a major part of our overall visual strategy to this day, which is pretty incredible in a highly competitive market. The quality of design solution and ROI they've provided us is simply amazing. If you want your brand to succeed, Firstnature are definitely the people to see. "

Martin Black, Co-founder


Branding & Strategy

Objectives met

Creation of an iconic brand with remarkable, long-term ROI.

Cost-effective and distinctive packaging system.

Flexible, adaptable solutions to support merchandising in a visually appealing and cost-effective manner.