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 Industry  Education / Government
Scope  Brand Creation / Brand Strategy / Website / Print / Signage & Space / Promotion / Photography / Copywriting

Aspire Medispa

 Industry  Beauty
Scope  Brand Creation / Brand Strategy / Naming / Responsive Website / Print / Signage / Press Advertising / Copywriting

Aspire Medispa

 Industry  Beauty
Scope  Brand Creation / Brand Strategy / Naming / Responsive Website / Print / Signage / Press Advertising / Copywriting

Projects like this one are what make our hearts sing. Here we have a Government school unlike others, with no bells or school uniforms. NLSC is a place where students are treated as adults and come from public and private schools all over Western Australia and from around the world. They share in common a nurturing and transformative learning experience that sets them on a positive path towards their futures. We were tasked with communicating this unique school's efforts in a new website - but that's just the start...


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NLSC's curriculum focuses on years 11 and 12, in preparation for student's further academic studies or entry into the workforce. As we listened to the amazing stories that emanated from the campus we were at once moved and intrigued. Because unlike many secondary schools, NLSC doesn't benefit from huge funding or marketing budgets. Yet they were consistently helping students, some who were top of their year at other schools, to others who could barely speak english on arrival, to realise the self confidence and determination to achieve in ways they would have once only dreamt of.

We soon realised that the common thread throughout these success stories was the enduring dedication of the teaching staff that combined with an honest culture of acceptance and respect, fostered the environment for students to thrive. We knew we needed to communicate this fundamental value.

Inspired by the students themselves and the more 'uni style' learning environment, we set about communicating their offering with a tone and style that was more sophisticated and down-to-earth than perhaps that of their more conservative counterparts. Collaborating with photographer Anna Pretorius and NLSC's English Head of Learning David Sharp, we created an honest, direct and conversational style that spoke of friendship, of opportunity and heart, the culmination of which can be found on the website we designed and built.

We also created a new brandmark, positioner of 'Future Makers', printed materials and interim signage solutions in a staged process that allowed all stakeholders the time to adapt and engage with change. Traffic to their site after launch increased markedly, with conversion to enrolment up along with staff and student pride and promotion of their brand. We look forward to the continued privilege of working with these wonderful folk to tell the story of the amazing work they do every day!

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"I have been working for WASTAA, compiling a data base of Level 3 teaching administrators' email contacts. I have seen a heap of web sites - the North Lake web site and its positive, welcoming and honest message is first rate. Well done!"

Andrew Bell 
WA Secondary Teaching Administrators’ Association

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