The Well Nourished Lunchbox eBook

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This fully interactive eBook was created to not only be a guide for parents and caregivers to pack a delicious and nutritious lunch, more easily and simply, but also for kids themselves. It's a book that we not only had a lot of fun designing but also continue to get a whole lot of value from for our own family!

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Created by Well Nourished founder and naturopath Georgia Harding, this 150+ page book is the definitive bible for the exhausted parent who struggles to move away from standard sandwich fare and towards more nutrient-dense, creative and tasty tempters that are actually wonderful for anyone, not just school kids.

We created a look and feel that has a very human element to it through hand drawn illustrations that punctuate the many wonderful recipes and healthful information Georgia provides. The easy to follow layouts and interactive elements help the viewer to navigate, explore and cross reference throughout, whatever age they may be.

Launched to great accolade, this best-selling ebook is available here. Trust us and all the reviews you can read for yourself, you'll love this book!

"I have worked with the First Nature team to produce all the eBooks. The work they produce is simply stunning and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I know the success of my books is largely because of their beautiful design and layout."

Georgia Harding, Author & Founder, Well Nourished

The Well Nourished Lunchbox is not only a stand-out eBook in its physical look and overall feel, there are more stand-out recipes and lunchbox ideas in it than any desperate mum can poke a (bread) stick at!

Belinda, Belle PR

"This book completely changed the way my kids have lunch. Everything they eat for lunch comes from this book. We no longer need to go down the aisles with packaged snacks, they eat nourishing food and we save money.
It’s a win win!!"

Cassie Barnes

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