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Scope  Branding / Packaging / Print / Signage + Space

The launch of this brand set a new benchmark and according to its owner, raised the bar in the Perth chiropractic industry and beyond.

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Up! was so named as a reference to its founder Dr Miles Upfold; we wanted to communicate the positive, energetic and friendly vibe he never fails to project and is committed to helping others achieve. Miles wanted to move beyond the typically bland image of chiropractic and reposition what chiropractic had to offer in a more sophisticated, contemporary, friendly and professional way.

Miles received fantastic feedback on his brand and approach since its inception in the mid 2000's and the brand continues to hold its own. Up! has grown to become an industry leader in reputation as well, with a grundbreaking emphasis on wellbeing workshops and a passion for spreading the message of living life up!

""Firstnature have definitely had a huge impact on our practice and our business. They really took it on themselves to fully understand our industry, what we were going for and what we were trying to create - something totally new and different to what was in the market whilst still keeping it professional. I believe they definitely achieved this and the feedback has been awesome and continual.
I have not come across another design company that is so thorough in their approach and so complete in their delivery of the brief."

Miles Upfold, Owner


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