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Violetta - Salon de Beauté

Client Violetta Beauty
Industry Beauty

Local beauty entreprenuer Violetta has run her western suburbs salon for over 30 years. Well regarded, she had a loyal following of repeat clientele, many of whom were in the middle to upper income bracket. Despite her esteemed reputation, Violetta needed to expand her business and attract and retain top-tier staff. Over time, both the salon and her brand had become dated, necessitating a refresh and repositioning to keep pace with industry innovations, market expectations, and increasingly savvy competition.

Our goal was to create a brand that truly reflects the unique nature of Violetta Beauty, establishing it as one of Perth’s premier salons renowned for its experience, expertise, and aesthetic appeal.


When we joined the project, Violetta had already commissioned plans to renovate the salon’s interior. However, they lacked the full potential from both an aesthetic and experiential standpoint, which are crucial in the beauty industry. We recommended significant changes, greatly expanding the reception, lounge, and sales areas to enhance street presence and offer a more sophisticated ambiance tailored to her market. The new colour scheme and details throughout the brand pay homage to the art-deco era of the building housing her salon.

A neutral base palette complemented by gold and black accents, Tom Dixon lights, Deco plaster mouldings, patterns, and finishes were employed to create a luxurious yet restrained and elegant atmosphere. The treatment rooms were outfitted in neutral tones to ensure cohesion throughout the various spaces.
The visual branding centered around bold, contemporary typography, exuding confidence and elegance, with a modern nod to Art Deco influences. We repositioned the salon as a "Salon de Beauté," a European-inspired term reflecting Violetta’s heritage and her strong connections with leading European beauty houses, setting her apart in the market.

Accompanied by luxurious beauty imagery, intricate patterns, and sophisticated finishes, the revitalized Violetta brand enjoys an expanded high-income clientele, with Violetta successfully reclaimed its position at the pinnacle of the local beauty industry, where it rightfully belongs.


Paired with luxe beauty imagery, patterning and finishes, the overall result brought the Violetta brand back to the top of her field, where she belongs!


violetta_business card

Branding & Strategy
Signage & Space

Objectives met

New branding, website and promotional materials enhancing brand story and market differentiation.

Interior salon design creating a sophisticated, cohesive atmosphere providing improved customer experience.

New signage improving street impact and appeal.