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When two of the friendliest, funniest and highly successful chaps in the financial planning sector saw what we did to transform their neighbour's brand down the road, they asked us to see how we could help in their endeavour. Little did we know then just how profound an effect we would have on each other...

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Geoff Whitehorn and Greg Polglase offered a retirement planning service that was clever and specific in its appoach and highly effective in its ability to realise significant results for their clients. They'd won industry awards but their visual brand didn't match the quality of their service.

We changed all that through the establishment of an engaging, stylish brand that focused on communicating their offering in a much more professional and sophisticated way. And yes, some pretty good jokes were had around the fact that visually we reduced the dynamic duo to being represented by two dots (but very stylish ones!), however, like the founders they were representing, those dots became integral to the overall visual language and detailing of the brand roll out, from light fittings to punctuation of headlines.

We brought in copywriter Steve Browning into the mix to add further personality to the brand's messaging and were also commissioned to design the interior and signage for their Mandurah and subsequent Subiaco offices.

Sadly, shortly after we presented the designs, Geoff was diagnosed with a rare, terminal cancer. It was a devastating blow on all fronts and at a time when so much potential was about to be realised in his life. He fought the illness with more dignity, bravery and positivity than anyone we'd witnessed before and kept his humour and generous grace to the very end. We feel so very honoured to have been able to contribute positively to his legacy and even more to have known him. Although half the brandname is no longer with us, partner Greg is doing the brand, and Geoff, proud in carrying on a new phase of the business.

"Gen and Steve, thank you so much... your brand design is now a big part of my legacy... just brilliant! God bless you both..."

Geoff Whitehorn


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